And fucking loving life! I bought a bike a few days ago, so commuting is going to be much easier and quicker.. plus a chance for me to stop being so lazy! Speaking of lazy, I might post photos of things one day..


How do you break up with somone nicely ?

Just quit my job. Fuck it feels liberating !

So both Shan and Mara have decided to move out at the same time. Shan is moving in with Sarah and Mara ? I’m not sure. I think she has some beef with me. In my opinion this is completely unwarranted, considering her idiot of a boyfriend had been living with us (for free, what a derro/dropkick) without even asking me ! Ergh. Anyway, Fletch has asked to move into Mara’s room. He’s really not liking living with Jen, plus his rent had bumped up to $150 a week ! His room is tiny !
I wad completely opposed to the idea at first, but after discussing it with a few people I’m beginning to come around to the idea, maybe it could be a good thing for us both. We shall see.
I’m pretty sure Pat is going to move into Shan’s room, so have to fill his room, which surely will not be that hard as it is only $100 a week ! Potential housemates include Alex Dearman and Sophie Blewett (if she promises not to fuck me over again!)

Descendents are touring in December and fuck I am excited.

Oh yum !

Fletcher is home tomorrow ! Time is going slowly !!
Going to Eggless with Angela tonight, she’s never been before :O Gonna get iced chai, curry roti and sago pudding.
Had people round for pie night last friday, was amazing ! Satay veg, Mexican bean with fresh guacamole, carbonara, parmy, seitan and stout, cookie dough and cherry ripe pies so good ! So full after though 😦
This Sunday is vegan dessert night at Tim
And Shaz’s house. I’m planning to make choc and caramel cheesecake, choc mousse and strawberry tarts and maybe another cookie dough pie. Yum !
Also, plans are underway for vegan brunch at Dougys ! Fuck yeah food !


I look like a boy.

I look like a girl.

I’m back at uni full time, plus working four days a week, however I think I will cut this down to three, otherwise I can see myself getting snowed under.
I’m going to try and stay on top of uni and do well this semester. Plans are to finish off around April next year, then head to the UK for Cara’s wedding and stay and work for 6 months or so. Maybe.
Fletch has been in America for a week tomorrow. It seems so much longer ! i miss him a hell of a lot more than I thought I would ! It’s good though, as i think it will give me a chance to catch up and spend time with people who I wouldn’t’ normally think to. We’ll see.
Plans for the weekend are working and Tyrone’s birthday party. Should be okay I think.
I need to go back to the RL for a weekend soon to see Mum. I feel like I’ve been dicking work around a bit lately though, and don’t really want to ask for more time off.. ahh.
I need a haircut.
I think Mara is going to tattoo me soon.. pictures to come.. or not..

Went to Ginger’s 20th Birthday on thw weekend and made her a white chocolate and raspberry sugar skull cake !

It looks a bit silly, art has never really been my forte, tasted pretty good though !

Sushi train tonight, and Melbs with Villa over the weekend, wooooo food !!

Mara is really pissing me off with her constant singing/guitar playing. lol.