A lot has happened since my last post.. Christmas, road trip (food trip) to Melbourne, 21st birthday, went part time at uni, increased responsibilities and hours at work, moved house..

Busy life, over halfway through the year and i’m only just starting to get a grasp on things !

Photos… of crap…

I’m going to try and post more regularly.. See how that goes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about starting a band lately. I’d love to be a more active member of the music scene and contribute my bit. Plus there need to be more girls in bands ! Moose and Villa are keen to jam, so we’ll see how hat goes I suppose.

I went to see an acoustic set of Weightless and Enthusiasm Police (Jonno’s solo project) at Clarity tis arvo. It was amazing ! Weightles gav m shivers, such a talented bunch of guys, and a real breath of fresh air in th way of Adelaide music. I forsee big things for this band.

Also went to see Dangers/Sex Wizard at Animal House toniht. Bands were okay, actually quite enjoyed SW’s set, and the singer from Dangers seemed to have some valid things to say. Highlight was defs sausage sizzle/cup of tea (thanks Marcel !).

Going to Melbourne with Villa in ~ 2 weeks to see Rain City/Da Weight and S my D play. Gonna be sick/gonna get sick from overconsumption of food. Looking forward to it.

Not looking forward to going back to uni though !

Argh !

Plan for the next year and a half is to finish of uni by June-ish next year, then head to the UK for a while to work/travel and Cara’s wedding. Fletch is alread getting worried about me leaving for so long, but who knows what’s going to happen !

In  other news, I just found Hazen St on my iTunes, it’s so good !


fresh mind.

Zucchini fettucine with nap sauce and parmesan.

Pad Thai.

“Mashed potato” with portobello mushroom and corn on the cob.

Raw vegie burgers with mixed salad, avocado fries and lime and avocado mayonaise.


Raw strawberry colada icecream ^_^

Gemma and I hve decided to go raw for a while.

Sprouted lentil burritos with lettuce leaf tortillas,  mango and tomato salsa and guacamole.

Nori rolls with shredded snow pea, bean sprout and herb salad.

Made the “rice” from soaked cashews, sunflower seeds and almonds + lime, tamari, nutritional yeast, sesame oil and ginger.

mmmmmm ^_^

I feel GREAT !!

Yum !

I feel like i’m going nowhere in life.

Dun dun dun.



Guacamole, carrot & cumin and roast pumpkin, coriander & sesame dips.


Roast vegetable lasagne.


Lychee with strawberry crea frosting an choc-banana with whipped cream and cocoa.

A delicious night ! And so good to see my big sis Han for the first time in 18 months 🙂