So both Shan and Mara have decided to move out at the same time. Shan is moving in with Sarah and Mara ? I’m not sure. I think she has some beef with me. In my opinion this is completely unwarranted, considering her idiot of a boyfriend had been living with us (for free, what a derro/dropkick) without even asking me ! Ergh. Anyway, Fletch has asked to move into Mara’s room. He’s really not liking living with Jen, plus his rent had bumped up to $150 a week ! His room is tiny !
I wad completely opposed to the idea at first, but after discussing it with a few people I’m beginning to come around to the idea, maybe it could be a good thing for us both. We shall see.
I’m pretty sure Pat is going to move into Shan’s room, so have to fill his room, which surely will not be that hard as it is only $100 a week ! Potential housemates include Alex Dearman and Sophie Blewett (if she promises not to fuck me over again!)

Descendents are touring in December and fuck I am excited.