Sunday hung with Villa, Laube and Jake.  Ended up heading up Skye way to an epic 3 story tree house in the middle of a nature reserve. Place was legit !

Last night Villa, SJ and Tyrone came round for dinner, then went to check out the Secret Garden. Took some snaps..



When we got home Ty and I lurked a sweet site on urban exploration (

Had some amazing photos, definately recommend checking it out. Some of the old “mental asylums” are so creepy. Also, Australian drain system rules, need to check out some more of the tunnels under Adelaide..

Also had a lurk of some  photos of Chernobyl 20 years after the nuclear meltdown. Ghost town, really spooky. Everyone living there just dropped everything and left it all behind.. I city stuck in time.




ferris wheel

spilt ink

forest city

I like the last shot best, really gives a sense of total abandonment on such an enormous scale. Where the humans aren’t, the trees will grow and life will keep on living.

You can see more photos at